Quite often students are challenged with trying to decide should I attend University or TAFE. There is the prestige attached to University in that it is the place everyone strives to go. However, university is not the place for EVERYONE. If you are trying to decide on a career pathway then TAFE is the best option for you. At TAFE we help direct and guide you along your journey. We offer support and have a hands on approach to understanding the foundations and concepts of the Accounting industry. TAFE is an EXCELLENT pathway for students wishing to continue their studies into University and we provide you with the skills that will help you to succeed at University.

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Test the Waters with a TAFE Course

A TAFE course is a great way to 'test the waters' before you jump head-first into a university degree. It's not only cheaper, it's also quicker. Your TAFE qualification will take between one and three years to complete, while a bachelor degree usually takes between three and five years full-time.
If you decide to move on to university, a TAFE course can help you out. It will help you meet the entry requirements by demonstrating you can study and are up to the challenge of a degree. Many universities will also recognise your TAFE course and credit it towards your degree, reducing your study duration.
You'll also graduate from TAFE ready to step straight into the workforce. Your TAFE qualification will help you get a job while you decide if you want to continue on to a university degree.

For instance, if you're interested in a career in accounting, the Certificate IV in Accounting will qualify you for entry-level roles such as payroll clerk or bookkeeper, while the Diploma of Accounting can lead to careers such as office manager and senior financial clerk. In comparison, the Bachelor of Accounting leads to higher level roles such as accountant or finance manager.

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TAFE also offers years 11 & 12 students an opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Accounts Administration as part of their HSC studies. This is exciting news for HSC students. It counts as 2 units in your HSC and will provide students to enrol directly into a Certificate IV or Diploma in Accounting at TAFE.